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Americans have allowed the erosion of individual Civil Liberties as well as the collective liberties of what is supposed to be the “freest” society in the world, and self-justify it by the fear and insecurity created by the state of “perpetual warfare” in which the U. has been engaged in since the creation of the Republic.Wars require enemies, both real and perceived and in some cases manufactured.

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Increasingly, because of the fear and insecurity, we have watched with dispassion while certain segments of society are subjected to systems of law enforcement that have become more and more “militarized” and used to quell what is described as “domestic” threats to “our way of life”.

We tolerate and even cheer the announcement of “internal wars” against drugs, against crime, against perceived sexual deviance, against threats to what is described as the Christian Nation, against immigrants, against people whose color is tied to perceptions of immorality, all the while incarcerating more people than most of the “free world” and the not-so-free (Communist and Islamic) world.

The Executive Branch is enjoying all-time highs in terms of the populace’s confidence but our government has three branches that must work in tandem for the “Republic” to function.

The President is in his “lame duck” period with a lot of the confidence the people have being based on what he has been able to “unilaterally” accomplish by administrative fiat.

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