Simbu dating hansika

This image of his has prompted many to link the Young Superstar with many heroines and female celebrities in the recent past, regardless of his true relationship with the concerned celebrities.Whatever his current status is, Simbu remains to be the heart-throb thousands of girls and women would want to date.STR, who promptly retweeted Hansika, also wrote, “Yes I’m am with Hansika and right now she is doing really good and marriage will b decided by our family … The couple are seen in two Tamil movies together – and developed fondness for each other on the sets.Hansika had made the ‘we’re just friends’ statement just a couple of days ago. STR, meanwhile, has been involved in a few Kollywood romances. It does seem so, with STR’s father Vijaya T Rajender saying that he has no qualms accepting Hansika as his daughter-in-law.Dhanush and Simbu rubbished such allegations and claimed that everything is fine between them.Hansika and Simbu, who have worked in two Tamil movies together Vaalu and Vettai Mannan, are believed to have developed fondness for each other on the sets.

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Recently, Simbu was asked about his break-up with Hansika Motwani to which he replied that the separation did not happen over personal issues but over some other issues, which the actor did not reveal.After Harshika posted a photo of herself with Simbu at a party, a CCTV footage of Simbu kissing Harshika emerged out of nowhere.However, both Simbu and Harshika denied that it wasn't them in the low quality video. Many reports claimed that there was a tiff between Dhanush and Simbu because of Aishwarya.Some of them have admitted about their relationship, while others remain to be Simbu's link-ups brought up by the media.Check out the slides below to know about Simbu's alleged multiple relationships: Simbu had once admitted that out of all those girls he has dated no one has had an impact on him like Nayantara and Hansika did.

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