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Jason could’ve wrecked this if he’d put pressure on Sam, so he made the right call.

Burton pointed out that Sam’s gone through a lot, so she deserves this chance to step back and decide for herself.

He’ll feel like that’s all he can do at this point.Jason tends to shift his own happiness to the backburner. Whether it’s the Corinthos clan or his beloved Sam, Jason always puts his loved ones first. In fact, Jason’s selflessness is undoubtedly one of the qualities Sam finds most attractive.In other words, fighting for Sam could actually be a turn off. He’s showing Sam that he cares about her feelings and what she truly wants.So I find myself splitting the tab with him all the time, which I guess is my own fault because I offer to pay half, but sometimes a girl just wants a guy to refuse, you know?On top of that, I pay for gas and buy him small little gifts every once in a while because it makes me happy surprising him.

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    However, it’s possible that at some time in your adult life your memories or fears will come back, which can lead to some very intense emotions.