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Extensible Key Management (EKM) Explains how to use third-party key management systems with SQL Server.

Back Up the Service Master Key Restore the Service Master Key Create a Database Master Key Back Up a Database Master Key Restore a Database Master Key Create Identical Symmetric Keys on Two Servers Enable TDE on SQL Server Using EKM Extensible Key Management Using Azure Key Vault (SQL Server) Encrypt a Column of Data CREATE MASTER KEY (Transact-SQL) ALTER SERVICE MASTER KEY (Transact-SQL) Restore a Database Master Key Back Up and Restore Reporting Services Encryption Keys Delete and Re-create Encryption Keys (SSRS Configuration Manager) Add and Remove Encryption Keys for Scale-Out Deployment (SSRS Configuration Manager) Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.

However, this default can be changed by using the DROP ENCRYPTION BY SERVICE MASTER KEY option of the ALTER MASTER KEY statement.

A DMK that is not encrypted by the service master key must be opened by using the OPEN MASTER KEY statement and a password.

However, if you change both, you will lose access to the service master key.

If you lose access to the service master key without one of these two elements, you be unable to decrypt data and objects encrypted by using the original key.

The DPAPI uses a key that is derived from the Windows credentials of the SQL Server service account and the computer's credentials.

The service master key can only be decrypted by the service account under which it was created or by a principal that has access to the machine's credentials.

Access to objects and data secured with the database master key require only the password that is used to help secure the key. Fresh Patents is not responsible for the accuracy, validity or otherwise contents of these public document patent application filings. Patent applications, documents and images may contain trademarks of the respective companies/authors.Initially, an exchange protocol, such as a password-authenticated key exchange protocol, is used to create a shared secret.From the shared secret, two keys are created: a utilized key and a stored key.

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